Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The people of the coconut

It still seems a far away dream that I can say I make my living selling coconuts. It might seem like a foolish dream but the coconut and me are inseperable now.

The coconut people I found are mostly women, so me being a guy interested in coconuts seems like an oddball. People are looking for information just like me, so there is much to learn.

I don't know really, except that coconuttin is hard.

I am heading to the coconut countries to learn more about coconuts.


maybe ill take pictures and write about it. maybe ill make my own coco-product. We will see! Stay tuned for the next adventures of coconut-chronicles!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chemicals And Coco Sex Lube

I have the following crazy youtube video and a commentator said that it must have been the other chemicals that have made my acne break out. So here I have taken a snapshot of the ingredients of the coconut wax product.

yikes! chemicals! ORS coconut oil brand

I've stopped using the product on my face to get my face to heal.

Now on my hair. I think my hair has a lot of coco-build up. I took this after shower. If you look at the picture my hair is just all spiked and wavy up which to me indicates that there is a buildup of coco-tar on the hair. Now I need to get into that whole detangle stuff.

I think I'm leaving the world of this wax/coconut butter and going for pure coconut oil. I dont have African hair so maybe it was a bad idea to begin with. On the positive note, it did lessen my dandruff (not completely rid it) but I have significantly lower flake count.

I am now really enjoy using coconut oil for making love purposes. I really like slathering mr.coconuthead over there with coconut and it lasts slippery longer than vaseline. the coco-girls do not object to do this yet, but I dont think id want want to use this chemicals inside the vajayjay of my #1 girl that might bear my son. Also I researched this: keep in mind guys that coco-oil does not contain spermicide!

I also like using coco oil as deodorant. It stop my man odor for less than a day but I just like the idea of slathering my armpit with coco-oil, makes me feel raw.

Here's another thing I purchased. Goya coconut soda! Ah it is good -- carbonated coco water! Tastes like coconut water but carbonated. I recommend. Mom said, "coconut water that is rotten". Eh?

So i'm going to the African store and getting pure oil! Mr coconut-out!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coconut Oil gave me Acne!!

After a week of applying my palmer's coco-butter goodness on my face, I am now getting acne. What the heck? I'm not entirely sure what happened, but my forehead looks like a meaty pizza strewn over asphalt road overlaid over the boulder rocks of Colorado. 

I don't typically get Acne as I am good looking guy. Just kid about the Acne part. I mean I only get Acne when I am excessively exposed to dirty elements like pollution. I have several theories on why I'm getting acne.

1 -- I am quite stressed out due to some changes in my life (must eat coco butter to aid my mental clarity!!)

2 -- The stuff I was putting on my face was not made for skin, it was for hair. Maybe the black community can enlighten me on this. It does say "shining hairdress" on the packaging. I still slathered it all over my body and my paynis is still rash free.

3. -- I didnt remove the oil in my face completely. I tried ridding the oily substance off my face before going to bed by washing, but the oil clings on my skin. As if coconut was a ex-gf that doesn't can't accept that I need space. I tried hot water but the shine is still there when I go to sleep. 

4. -- Must be the weather? It is summer here in east coast. However, I am from the tropics, the land of coconuts so I must have genetically evolved to withstand summer conditions. 

5 -- I should have gotten organic oil instead of the butter goodness. I did buy the thing in an African beauty store and it was either that or the oil. The oil was more expensive so I went butter. 

Anyways. I'm done with the Palmer's coco moisture grow. I am just going to use the remaining butter to shine my plant's leaves or use as a degreaser for my 36 speed bike chain set. Either way, I went to ACME and BOUGHT ANOTHER coconut oil. The ORS brand.

It seems to have a lighter consistency. Almost like the excrement of heavenly angels as opposed to earthly angels.  My dandruff is still reduced to a minimum so I'm counting that as a positive.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Men and the Coconut

The coconut is a wonderful and versatile product. In Asia, they call the coconut, "the fruit of life". The Asians use coconut in a variety ways. They even use the husks to make mats or other ornaments for the house including re-purposing jars. In the USA, the coconut miracle fruit is slowly gaining traction as we turn more health conscious. Coconut oil has been a small but growing niche that has a wide variety of applications including health and beauty.

Most consumers of coconut oil are females. Either that or men are just not as vocal about their coconut consumption as the Females. The coconut male connoisseur will have different needs than a female. 

Men are using coconuts for balding hair. There have been studies that states that coconut oil can reverse or stop hair from falling out. This has to do with the regenerative properties of coconut oil -- the same property that keeps skin ageless. 

Men are using the coconut for curing dandruff. The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil keeps the growth of an oil eating fungi from over consuming oil. The emmolient properties also delivers a nutrients deep into the root of hair follicles. 

Men are increasingly incorporating coconut oil into their diets. Health focused men are praising the low fat content from the medium chain bonds from the oil's organic structure. The chain is easily digested by the body resulting in higher metabolic rates. 

Men should also start looking at coconut oil as a substitute for sexual intimacy. The coconut oil is an organic oil that can be used as a safe lubricant. Just dab a liberal amount on the organ to increase wetness. Other products on the market are synthesized while coconut oil is natural and organic. 

Other uses of coconut oil for men.

Skin moisturizer
Disinfectant (lesions)

"i love coconuts!"

Monday, July 22, 2013

Review of Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula

I walked in to a black beauty shop and purchased a palmer's coconut oil formula. I chose this product as it was solid and I wanted to try something solid. The warmth of the hands melt the product into an oil.

It is my first foray into using coconut oil. I applied it on my scalp for three days. My results? It seems to have kept my dandruff to a minimum. I still have flakes when I rub my hair but nowhere near what I had before. It is kinda hard to remove, and my hair is still oily even after multiple shampoo sessions.

The smell: surprisingly, it did not smell like coconut at all. The smell reminds me of petroleum jelly.

The skin: I have brown skin and it seems to be helping my skin a bit. I like the feeling of the oil. I'm not entirely sure if this product was made for the skin but still. It makes me shine so I can see the appeal of coconut oil to minorities. I did however apply too much one time and pretty much ruined my shirt. Oh well.

The sex: I also used it a as a lubricant. lol. I don't have any rash or anything, so that is a good thing.

The lowdown: It was a fairly cheap product at 3.89 for 180g just to help me get started. The coconut smell is not there and it smells like wax. It's great for the skin. My skin seems somewhat smoother after applying it. I applied it to my face and I have a zit now so I'm not sure if it is because of it. Maybe not the most natural oil that is out on the market.

I'll try to get other products to test.
I got this from an African beauty shop

Glob of Coconut Oil